hey guys

not changed the strings on my guitar for a while and there is a lot of grime build up in the nicks on the wood, i have tried a lot to get it off but im scared to use steel wool incase i just endup sanding the neck which obvioiusly i dont want

any tips you can share will be great

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the thing is im really tight for money and i know my local guitar tech never uses cleaners specific for guitars so is there any household products i could use???
The Fingerboard is rosewood or ebony I presume. Do not wax it. For normal celaning a slightly damp or dry rag is good but when it's really gooped up....To clean gunk out of the pores you can scrape it (with the grain) with the edge of a plastic credit card, or you can use Naptha (applied sparingly to a clean flannel or cotton rag) and work it over the dirt to dissolve and loosen it. Or Steel wool (0000 grade) is OK too it will not sand your neck down! It should be done with the grain as well if used and can also buff up the fret crowns. Beware the steel dust it generates though, I'd use masking tape to cover the pickups cause the pole pieces attract it like heck.
Lemon oil afterwards can be applied sparingly to a clean cloth and wiped onto the fingerboard to replace any moisture lost (especially if you used naptha) but excess should be wiped off. You don't want to put much on as a few drops in the cloth goes a long way. Buff the fingerboard when down witha clean dry rag and presto! You're done.
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I get a really soft cloth that doesn't leave scratches and scrub really hard and then add a little lemon oil then scrub down again so that it's not wet.
Personally there are only 3 things I use to clean my guitars. Water,naphtha(sp?) or guitar polish. I will use lemon or boiled linseed oil in small amounts on a rosewood fret board if it is too dry. Remember in the end a guitar is a tool.

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