Hello everyone!

As my first guitar, my little Yam has enough personal significance to me to warrant a makeover. It has been used a guitar synth (sporting the Roland Gk pickup for the GR-33 synth I use) for about seven years now, and I want to make playing it more enjoyable. I've had the guitar since I've been in grade 6, so as you can imagine, it is in rough shape. My goal isn't to spend a mint on it. Just new paint, and hardware that isn't covered in rust.

The neck is in perfect condition, and in my opinion, one of the nicest I've ever played. Maybe it's just the guitar's sentimental value, but since the neck is so thin, it is a very fast guitar.

So here is what I started with:

*Stock picture... got so excited to start, I forgot to take a picture of the original :p*

My end goal is to replicate this style of guitar:

Ok, Sanding off the original mess.

Remember guys: If you are trying this, YOU MUST wear the proper safety equipment. I'm fortunate enough to have a properly ventilated workshop ( I usually build Kayaks) so it is safe for me to work inside... but if you are not as fortunate, take your work outdoors.

The original finish came off easily enough. I'm going to leave the cavity black, since I'm going to be shielding over it anyway.

Next comes a coat of primer.

If you are going to finish the guitar in a light colour, a coat of primer is essential. Since I'm going for a cream colour, I used a light coat of spray on primer I picked up at work for $3 (I work at Lowe's)

After sanding the primer down, The fun starts:

You can kind of see the colour I'm aiming for... but it is much lighter than it will end up being. I've compensated for the Polyurethane I'm going to use to finish it.

That is my next step:

I have orded a new bride, tuners, pick guard, screws (from work) and a new bride pickup (hotter than the original, but still nothing overly priced).

Will update when parts come in!
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Did you paint over the tremolo claw and screws in the back? I would have taken them out first; looking good though nonetheless.

Ya I did, forgot to mask it off. I have a new trem system on the way and that hardware is included anyway... I couldn't be bothered to take them out and take another picture.
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I figured since you said you were getting a new bridge that you'd be replacing it. I just had to ask though

Haha ya, I just couldn't build enough initiative to walk across the room and grab a screwdriver... since school finished for the year, I've become quite a lazy fellow.

Thanks Disaster. Since this is my first time doing this, I really have no idea how it will turn out... I'm using Kayak refinishing 101 ideas, but on a smaller scale
Interesting so far. Cant wait to see how the poly works out with the paint.
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Interesting so far. Cant wait to see how the poly works out with the paint.

In one of the pictures with the guitar hanging from the ceiling, there is a kayak in the background with a white bottom. That kayak has a polyurethane top coat (over the wood deck, and white paint). The marine paint on the kayak didn't yellow at all, so I'm curious as to how much this guitar will turn.

I've never used wipe-on poly before, but having used polyurethane products in the past, I'm happy enough to try a different version... Poly is easy enough to work with I find.
Oky doky, The guitar is basically finished:

^I'm probably going to paint the pickup covers an ivory/cream colour to better match the guitar.

All in all, I'm happy with how it turned out. There is one minor run in the poly, but it's on the back, so I can't be bothered to fix it. I just need to finished my wiring and it's ready to go.

The black guitar in the last pic is my main one, PRS single cut... nice guitar

I think my next project will be a body from scratch. Maybe this weekend if I have time.
nice work
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wow that turned out really nice... i think this is giving me the idea to go find a cheap strat copy in a pawn shop or something and refinish it and replace some hardware/pups...
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Thanks fellas!

This guitar was aways super nice to play (for a hunk of junk) but I've played some terrible strat copies. As long as you pick up a usable guitar, you can do some really cool things with it.

I spent no more than $80 CDN on the entire project. It was a great learning experience.