ok i've searched up and down this place for over a week now trying to find an answer to some needed help.

I have: Peavey 6505+, boss ns-2 (set up in "x" pattern), a dbx266xl and bbe sonic maximizer.

i just picked up the dbx and bbe not to long ago but i don't wanna set this up poorly or take out my ns-2. so...

1. Any ideas on setting all of it up?
2. Use or Not use certain gear?

Thanks in advance.
The DBX has a gate built in, I know a guy who used his 266 as a rather than buying a separate noise gate, maybe try that first. You should be able to hook it up with the X even with rack gear.
well, if you're putting the dbx266xl and bbe sonic maximizer in the loop just have them come before the ns2 in the loop, everything else should be normal.
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