Hey guys, I am looking for a new amp head at a fairly reasonable price. I want something that can mimic the sounds from J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth. The Marshall Handwired 1959 was what I had my eye on but I cant do the $2800 price tag. Lets brainstorm, what suggestions do the fine people at UG have?
what price can you do? You have a shit-tonne of choices if your budget was like, $1700, not so much if your budget is $900.
Either a used Marshall JCM900 or 2000 DSL could get those types of tones, and both cost significantly less than your budget mark. In fact, you could probably get both of them if and a spare 2x12 if you really wanted.
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+1 for Marshall JCM2000 DSL
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Used JCM900 [$600 - $800] and a Marshall 1960 cab [$500 +/- used]

Or an Avatar cab, but I hardly find them used.
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I've seen Blackstar Artisan 100 amplifiers going for very reasonable prices.
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Peavey 6505/5150/JSX

peavey anyone?


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