After being re-directed here due to my extensive Ultimate Guitar attendance lapse, I could really do with some help in pondering the Squier Jagmaster.

After years of SG copies I've finally decided to branch out and I like both the look and the pricetag of the Squier Jagmaster, I could really do with some advice on the guitar, especially from anyone with actual experience in playing one (as it's veeeeery hard to track one down and play it myself)

Much appreciated for any opinions anyone can missile at me
I've got one as my only electric. No idea if the new ones are any different, mines from 2002.
The body is slightly to the heavy side compared to other Fenderish guitars but it balances out ok (though it stands kind of funny on guitar stands). Pickups are meh but I've changed them and added a couple of other things (a killswitch), but the stock humbuckers will just about handle anything rock-ish you throw at them. The bridge isn't spectacular but it can handle some light vibrato. Neck is fine.

You don't really have much to expect in the pricerange. If I had more experience with electrics when I was buying it I'd probably have bought something else. But yeah, I like the shape...

I say save up for a proper Jaguar, Fender have new ones with humbuckers and that chrome is sexy as hell
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Cheers, appreciate the comments.
I've read a few things about inconsistant tuning (due to the Trem.)
That was my main concern!
It's just such a pain in the proverbial finding one in-store
eh, its not that horrid. Its not like you can expect any of these $200 guitars to hold up after a divebomb or other heavy trem use.
I had it the tremolo blocked stiff with a piece of wood for a while. Now I have it regularly floating but without the trem bar. The tuners themselves are fine. Like I said, just for some nice vibrato.
I have a 2004 one it is a brilliant guitar after you change the pickups, just do not expect to use the wammy on it.
Like the others have said, change the pickups, take off the trem bar, and you've got a reliable lil' guitar there.