Hey gals and guys. I have recently acquired a Peavey Special 112 Solo with the Scorpion drive/ speaker in it. It was free so its more of a hobby for me to fix it. It currently needs some work and I have got my schematic and all that jazz. I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this particular amp and any issues that go with the model. I have read on a random forum about these particular amps cutting out but having an easy fix... only the guy who said this did not want to divulge the information. Pretty selfish i know. In any case any information would help! Im currently going to start testing current. Any info will just more or less save me a lot of time and hassle. Thanks for the info.
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There are several guides, tutorials and threads in GBnC that can help with this quest. I'm personally not aware of anyone on here that has this amp so bump for ya.

The amp building threads those guys make over there in GBnC can be a big help too. I'm sure one of my UG buddies will swoop in here and give you some tips otherwise.

Also, check through the forums at peavey.com. They have pretty good search engine on there.
Strangely enough, I also just acquired this exact amp for free yesterday. When turned on, the power light comes on but there is absolutely no sound. I am pretty sure at this point that it is the speaker. The speaker actually isn't rated to be able to handle the amp wattage, and it's quite common for the speakers to go out in these amps if played at high volumes over a long period. If you find out anything else that could possibly be a cause please let me know and I'll do the same.
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i OWN ONE OF THESE AMPS. Mine keeps cutting out as well, They dont seem to travel well. But when it cuts out I just plug the Guitar straight into the effects send or return input then back to the Hi gain input and it seems to do the trick. Don't ask me why it works, it just does for some reason.