this song is on the red dead redemption soundtrack and is played in the game as you enter the new territory of mexico.

i really like this song and most of Jose's other work and id really like to be able to play this particular song (I'm not good at deciphering notes played etc.).

if somebody experienced could find and give this song a listen, then make a concise tab for it that would be awesome.

please let me know if anybody plans to - or if there is a better way i can request a tab.

thanks in advance for any help.

im the same as you, not being marvellous at deciphering notes, but the intro is just a barred 9 (drop D tuning) on the E, a and d strings. and it seems to my amateur ears the rest of the song goes along these lines with a few minor alterations.

but fair play to Jose, what a perfect song. works perfectly with all the rain when you hit Mexico!

hopefully someone else could ellaborate on this!
Hello All.

I would love to see this song tabbed too.
It also works perfectly arriving in Mexico as the sun is just rising. I had to go for a wander to the top of the hills just to see the sun coming up over the valley with this song playing. A great gaming moment, well done to José and Rockstar!
Found this thread after asking the same question, and decided to register and post what I've found.

Jose Gonzalez, from what I understand, uses a lot of open tunings, and in this case it sounds like Open B tuning (low-to-high B-F#-B-F#-B-D#).

What I've found so far is this (sorry, don't often create tab):


D# 	||------------------|
B 	||------------------|
F#	||--------------5---|
B 	||--------5h-7------|
F# 	||-----5------------|
B 	||--0---------------|


D# 	||------------------|------------------|
B 	||------------------|------------------|
F#	||-------------5----|-------------5----|
B 	||--------5h-7------|--------5h-7------|
F# 	||-----5------------|-----5---------5--|
B 	||--0---------------|--0---------------|

Listen to the song for the rhythm, but you're basically using the open B and F# (fretted on 5) as your alternating bass notes.

This isn't going to be entirely accurate because he introduces a lot of different variations while finger picking, but it sounds like it's all based on the fifth fret (i.e., just barre that bad boy, leaving the B open).

Hope that gives someone something to work with, 'cause I believe the song is going to go a bit beyond my skills.
The tuning is

e |-------------------------
B |-----------0---------0--
D |-------4---------4------
A |-----------------------2-
B |--0-0-------0-0--------

When I find time i will post a tab, I've covered the song by ear. Here is the intro though, you might wanna figure it out yourself, it's pretty simple actually.

EDIT: I've just created the tab, so in a few days it'll be on here i hope! Else shoot me your email and i'll send it to you.
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lundy3 you are a legend dude :-P thanks for the tab (well, when it comes up).

What you've put there sounds about right anyway, so your tab must be right!
It is right (95% maybe) LOL! :P
Though i think my tab is maybe a bit confusing, well lets see.
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LOL! My tab got rejected! I have no clue why, certainly not because there are other tabs of the song. Must be the layout or something, but I'm out of ideas to make it look better/easier?!

EDIT: Well, i've tried something different now, hope they'll say good for it!
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Serious? They rejected the first draft? Weird :s

Hope they get the next one on. There aren't many different parts to this song anyway how can it be confusing