Hi, last week I bought an ibanez js1200. I have never had a guitar with a floyd rose before but am aware of the basics. I tuned my guitar up properly and it was fine but now there is a lot of fret buzz which was not there before I tuned up. The action is at an almost identical level but the trem is not sitting parallel (flush) to the body as it was before. Could this be the whats causing the buzz. Should I adjust the tension to make it flush again, should this get rid of the fret buzz?

If this is not going to help please tell me what to do.

Thanks, Joe
read the manual that came with the guitar the answer is in there you need to adjust the springs. `cos it`s causing fret buzz i`m going to assume it`s tilted forwards, therefore you need to tighten the screws for the springs 1/4 of a turn at a time and retune, other than that i`d say you`ve not tuned it correctly..