Does anybody know how much it costs to sound proof a room? My room is about 7ft high, 10 ft wide and 10 ft long.
And how do you sound proof a room? Do you have to hire professionals to do it or can you do it yourself?
7 foot high?
And 10x10 foot?

I'd say that'd cost.... your soul. I've heard the devil's in the business of buying 'em.

It'd be totally worth it though.

On-topic: Egg cartons are supposed to be good at sound insulation, but you'll be saving up for a long time.

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Actually soundproofing it is really, really, really, really, really, REALLY expensive. You could do a lot to kill the sound though. Audio foam, new doors and windows that seal better, shag rugs, etc.


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I have hardwood floor's in my room. That studio foam could get expensive. Ill look into it though. Thanks
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It's pretty tough to soundproof a room. You could put up some audio foam on all your walls, it will dampen it up quite a bit.


Using these, it'll cost you $1,050 for just the walls.
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Go to your neighbors who most likely will also eat eggs, ask them to give you all their empty egg cartons, if egg cartons work, you'll save money AND time.
I read somewhere that the Foo fighters nailed sleeping bags to the walls when they recorded the first 2 albums.
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I read somewhere that the Foo fighters nailed sleeping bags to the walls when they recorded the first 2 albums.

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the egg carton thing is a myth. i wouldn't buy in to it

Its not a myth, its just not soundproofing. Because of the numerous reflective surfaces it has, it dampens the sounds with much less leaking straight through, however it only really works on the higher frequencies. Snare drum will have less attack from outside the room, cymbals wont be really loud. But as for things like a bass guitar or a kick drum, it will resonate straight through without much difference. For bass frequencies, you'll need some form of substantial padding like duvets, pillows, carpets etc. Things that absorb sound rather than reflecting it. Theres plenty of cheap alternatives to dampen the room considerably, but actually soundproofing, your into hundreds, possibly thousands of $/£
I was watching one of those room for improvement shows and they were soundproofing a room with special foam that was shaped like egg cartons and it cost $100 a square meter.

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Your soul.


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