I'll start with the gear I think I want,

In terms of an interface, I think I'm after a presonus audiobox. (My PC has no firewires...)

I already have REAPER on my PC.

I have my guitar and amp (obv.)

Aside from these items is there anything else you guys could reccomend?

Not studio monitors as I don't have that much money and I'm saving up for a 5.1 for gaming.

I'd just be recording guitar for the moment bet I may stray into adding vocals.

Also, would I be able to you use my C as an "amp" with these items, running it through some VSTs? Like when I play it'll come out through my speakers without noticeable delay.

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The interface is a nice start but you really should not mix with computer speakers as they really do color the sound quite a bit.

The interface you are looking into offers instrument DI so you could use VST programs as your amp modeling without having to ever mic up an amp however I really feel modeling never sounds as good as the real deal. There should not be much latency at all with the modeling unless your computer is very slow. The interface should playback and take in audio more than fast enough.
Do you have any reccomendations in affordable studio monitors?
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Just get this bundle: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/M-Audio-Fast-Track-MKII-Studio-Package?sku=485736

You get:
Amazing Software (Pro Tools M-Powered though you can still use Reaper)
and a few other things

Plus, the Fast Track is way better than the Audiobox.

I'm based in the UK so shipping would be extortionate.

EDIT: I wouldn't really be micing up my amp as it's kinda bad, but I may do in the future but for that I think I'll get a better mic after I get a better amp.
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Lots of lulz were produced, thankyou good sir
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