I bought a new guitar (Levin - 400$ price, built in mic and tuner) about two months ago and it worked great until now, when suddenly the strings on the guitar started sounding really weird. It´s this vibrating, rattling sound like when the strings are not exactly in tune. The vibrating is really, really fast. I haven´t tried replacing with new strings since it´s only 2 months old or even less.. I had many other guitars with much older strings and I never ever heard this sound before.

It´s mostly hearable on the high E string and D... but also on G and B.. not as much though.

It´s funny because I just took a break for 10 minutes, came back, picked it up started playing and the vibrating sound is gone... It comes and goes like this. It´s not always there.

I would be so happy if someone could help me with this.

when the fan blows lightly across the strings, they move a tiny bit or more. it can happen plugged or unplugged - the guitar, not the fan.
Ooops, apparently I was away from my laptop longer than I thought, and didn't see any replies when I first posted. Hmmm, the fan issue is new to me, nice catch.