I know it sounds lazy but for convenience sakes is there any software or method in guitar pro or tuxguitar to move all the frets in the tab up or down by a number or two, to make it more convenient to read while playing it a capo on higher frets?
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change the tuning

If you do that on the software it doesn't move the numbers just adjusts how it should sound.
In my experience, no.

Guitar pro *does* have a transpose feature, but rather than just move everything up by 1 fret (if you adjusted it up by a semitone, say), it completely reworks the fingering, into ways that often impractical or physically impossible play.
Use your brain, and add 2 to every number said in the tab.
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Use your brain, and add 2 to every number said in the tab.

Its what i've been doing till now but it can still get confusing when playing on the high frets with fast songs, in tux guitar i've found a way to do it for a single note but does anyone know how to select all the notes in a track?