Hello. My band Corellia just uploaded another track titled 'Aviation'. This one is another temporary instrumental, and we will begin tracking vocals for our songs with our singer Ryan at the end of next week (as well as some guest vocals from Spencer Sotelo of Periphery ). Hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is appreciated!



I check the Promote Your Band forum almost daily, because I have found a few bands on here that I end up loving, ranging from pop punk to thrash. Your band is one of the first bands I've seen on here that claim to be prog metal and actually are, rather than the senseless "DURKADURKADURKADRKADALRLADADTHTBMMMMMMMSHWEEEEEFURKAFURKARFUKRA" tech death noise that all too often appears, posing as legitimate music. I get a slight erection every time I see Corellia appear on the first page, and I'm never dissappointed. Hopefully vocals won't make me dissapointed. My recommendation is to not growl or scream too much, NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES should you pig squeal, and make sure your clean vocals have some Bruce Dickinson-esque power to them, so that they aren't too crappy and emo sounding. At the moment you remind me a lot of the diseased (in a metal way) bastard child of Boston and Protest The Hero. Keep it that way, por favor. Of course, don't let the rambling comments of some kid who should be out wooing the ladies and making sweet, sweet love to the night on this lovely Saturday evening, but is instead wallowing in a pool of fetid boredom in front of his computer, get in the way of your artistic vision. Do what you think is good for the progression of your band. I'm sure I'll like it.

EDIT: Ooooh, I like the electronic elements. The occasional keyboards and drum samples and stuff. They sound badass without being cheesy.
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
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this band is awesome. i luv your sound, seriously, great stuff!!! this is epic, and vocals from spencer of periphery, one of my favorite tech bands ever?!?!? holy s*** !!! NICE!
anyhow, all the songs sound awesome, especially aviation, please do keep it up!
I'm liking it so far but what are the vocals going to be like? I'm worried there will be too much screaming; I mean I like screaming vocals but not 5 minutes of straight screaming. I apologise if I'm making a false assumption.
Big tunes bro, those were great.

You may dig my bands sound, check it out.

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pitobodies - hilarious post man. i'm glad you're liking our music so much. we're not going to have screaming/growling too much, and our vocalist is actually really influenced by power metal. he doesn't sound too power metally but you can definitely hear the influenced.

rikcobra - thanks man, we're really excited about spencer guesting. he's a good friend and was actually gonna be our singer before he got asked to sing for periphery haha.

mychemicalalbert - no possible way we're going to have 5 minutes of screaming. i wish we could have 100% singing, but there are some riffs that just call for it. it will probably be about 80% singing, 20% screaming.

cnc-digity - thanks man! you guys got some pretty sick grooves too, added you guys