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I don't know if any of you guys in the UK are watching this, but they're trying to narrow down to the best rock band of all time. And, trying to narrow down the best rock guitarists.

The public will be voting for the best one, in their opinion (if anyone is mad enough to do so.)

The 3 options for the Rock bands were Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Beatles.

The 3 options for guitarists were Jimmy Page, Slash and Hendrix.

They have people coming up to say why they think that person should be the winner. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
None of them know the first thing about guitars, or guitar tone, or if something is difficult to do or not.

One of the arguments for why Hendrix to win was "He plays with lots of cool effects."

I don't understand how they can possibly narrow down the best rock guitarists of all time, to 3, and then expect us to pay 15p to call them.

As for the bands, the Beatles are hardly even a rock band...

I know, I know, none of you actually care about my mini-rant about these idiots on British tv, but, yeah...

EDIT: Now they're going through drummers, I assume they'll try and do bassists as well.

Drummer choices: John Bonham, Keith Moon, and Dave Grohl... Where's Neil Peart? (Let's see if Fassa's radar picks this up. )

EDIT: Holy shit, Fassa's radar actually doesn't care about time, it picks it up BEFORE it's happened!

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There's no way you can narrow down either of those to one band or guitarist. If you had to though, that's a decent choice of bands, but Hendrix is the only guitarist of those 3 who should be considered one of the best of all time.
Quote by 09phillt
dave grohl is good, but seriously? one of the three best in t' world?

+1, that choice is just laughable...

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Thank God I'm not in the UK, I would be RAGING at this right now.

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meh, I enjoyed watching the show about drummers, but it's the bbc, what else do you expect?

And without the Beatles you wouldn't have your favourite bands, so you should be lick Paul McCartney's balls right now, or get in the queue anyway!!

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just a few of my fans..

Saw some of this and it really didnt interest me.
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This program is making me frustrated. There are too many great musicians and bands out there to be able to be narrowed down to just three, and as people always says, it's just a matter of opinion.

Loyd Grossman's voice is amusing me
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The only reason I'm watching this now is to laugh, at stupidity, and Al Murray.

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if i remember correctly

they narrow down the bands/guitarist/drummers ETC by getting "experts" to decide the top 3 or so, then get the general public to decide which of the bands the "experts" picked should win

basicly, its just a retard programme. the fact that there are also experts is also retarded, i dont see how people with an opinion get to be an expert.
in that case, everybody on UG, nay, the universe is an expert, so i dont see why these select few get to choose top 3

besides, i dont care who wins or what, i probably wont agree with the desision. its basicly just the really mainstream musicians that everybody knows are picked (ie, queen, stones, zepplin, the beatles)
i would rather just go my own why by arguing with my mates who dont just have the greatest hits and think that makes them uber fans
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Quote by Fassa Albrecht

Fassa, your radar is quite frankly amazing. *bows*

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I raged massively when the woman started singing the sweet child o mine into

The top 10 guitarists there were to choose form was even more stupid. Graham Coxon? Wat
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Hope they do singers.

Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley

They won't do Buckley, but, they should.

EDIT: Plant, Mercury, and Cobain...

All they can do is people from Zep, Queen, and a couple of other mainstream rock bands.

Cobain cannot sing for shit, there's no way he should win... (I love Nirvana, but there's no way he should be the best frontman ever...)

Roger Waters - 12th May!
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The singers are a joke!

Robert Plant - Nothing special
Who was the second one again?
Kurt Cobain - O_o

Should've been Gary Stringer from Reef and Jeff Buckley if it wasn't just popular bands.

EDIT: Oh yeah Freddie Mercury. He's the best of the three, but I wouldn't say best bar-none...
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These things don't work. In a band I would love to hear Hendrix/Clapton play together, then for that band I'd be looking at someone like Ginger Baker to drum. Singer for that would have to be someone like Steve Winwood.

Alternatively if it was gna be a rock rock band I would want Jagger up front, Bonzo on drums and someone like Jimmy Page on guitar.

You just can't pick apart bands/guitar players like this and have n00bs debate on it. This just doesn't work.

It also really annoyed me when they did the guitarists and forgot to mention (i) early Jimmy Page was just plagiarism of old blues guys, (ii) Led Zeppelin live were completely different to Led Zeppelin on record, (iii) that he's sloppy as hell.

Also Slash in the top three over Clapton? Give me strength.
I agree with the inclusion of Freddie. That is all.
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I was watching this with my cousin and her boyfriend and we were all like "oh noooo". Although some very good guitarists are nominated, it's all very mainstream.

Although "props" to Rufus Hound when he said that Jeff Beck was the greatest living guitarist
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Trying to determine the best rock band/guitarist/drummer/etc... is just ridiculous. All of these are plain opinions and most end up being a popularity contest.

C'mon, Cobain as one of the best frontmen? Grohl as one of the best drummers? I know the Beatles were an incredibly successful band, but as far as my opinion goes (which is all these lists are), no way are they one of the best rock bands ever. I wouldn't even consider them pure rock.

edit: I also completely forgot the fact that Slash was nominated as one of the top 3 guitarists ever. Sure, his sound is more polished, but people can play his simple blues pentatonic riffage within a year of picking up a guitar..
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this show is so frustrating, three options is so limiting and there missing out so many legends
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Quote by Philly080
C'mon, Cobain as one of the best frontmen? Grohl as one of the best drummers?

Grohl is a better drummer than Cobain was a frontman.

I'm sure people bitching in this thread is more entertaining than the actual program. You win again, BBC!
BBC should stick to the Prog weekends, that's really all they can do without churning out complete musical bullshit. Where the **** did they get these 'experts'?
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The Beatles hardly a rock band?

GTFO my internets.
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Led Pepplin, you are god because of this thread.
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Some of you guys are such musical elitists pricks, I don't need to be an architect to appreciate the beauty of a building, nor do I be a graphics designer to appreciate a cool game graphics. If a layman likes a certain guitarist more then another, then he is entitled to that opinion. Even on UG, among GUITARISTS, you have the constant argument between the Shred fans who love their virtuosos, and people who don't care about the technicality but listen to the music, or those who like a combination of the two, or those who factor the image in as well, etc. etc.

Technical ability does not make somebody then best rock guitarist, and surely the guitarist who's playing resonates with the most people is the best?

As for how they narrowed it down to 3, they had a much larger online vote previously to narrow it down. I say again, I don't need to be an architect to appreciate a building, or a painter to appreciate a painting, and surely the guitarist, singer, band, etc. who resonates with the most people can at least be considered one of the greatest.
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