I ran a quick search and didn't find anything so I decided to make this thread.

Anyway here in a couple months I'm going to buy myself an actually nice rig and was just going ahead on research

After just really looking around and just checking stuff out I'm really intrigued by the Basson 810...I'm also intrigued by it's 2000 watt rms rating.

My initial thought was to run the Carvin BX1500 and put the 1500 watts into 4ohms. Though if I'm gunna drop that much cash I want it's full potential. So I switched to thinking about a Power Amp and Pre Amp Combo though just after really looking around I wasn't impressed at all with what PreAmps are on the market right now.

So now actual question, would it be silly of me to buy a head I like and run a DI into a power amp? I know it's kind of a waste of the actual amp but a lot of the heads I like have better EQing ability than the PreAmps I've found.

Also a technical question, on any head with two power amps you can bridge them together but would it be possible to bridge an amp head with a separate power amp?

Though I'm just kind of speculating as of right now I don't really see me wanting to spend more than about $1200 for the amp(s) and my absolute max is probably gunna be around $1500
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Using a power amp as a slave for a bass head is nothing new, but it isn't necessary anymore. That was common back in the late 60s and early 70s when most bass amps ran about 200 watts RMS. Nowadays, 1000+ watts in a bass head is commonplace. You don't need a slave amp.

If you are seriously looking at the Basson 8x10, then I assume you have the cash for a fine bass head. If you want to go the power amp route, get a good power amp and a good preamp like the SansAmp RBI or the SWR Marcus Miller to go with it. Stick something like that on top of a Basson 8x10 and you'd have a weapon of mass destruction.
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Eden make a very nice looking preamp if you have the money - WP100 I believe.
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As far as cash is concerned it is a slight issue but nothing that an extra month or two of saving won't solve. I'm not really looking into buying until at least October maybe later so I've got time to save up for it.

As for what I'm looking for in a pre amp, well I'm a bit of an EQ *****. Which is what kind of drove me away from the RBI and Marcus Miller. The Miller has a little bit more than the RBI but I'm looking for more still.

I really love the full shaping EQ's (7, 9, 12 bands) which i didnt really find in any preamps though if you could recommend one I would love you lol.

But you do you think that that 1500 watts would be sufficient on it? I mean it would only be underpowering each speaker by like 60 watts and would really save me the hunting of finding two good amps to pair together.
Don't worry about "underpowering" your cabinet. 1500 watts is fine.

How about the Demeter HBP-1?:


And if you are looking for massive bass power and almost infinite tone shaping capabilities, why not just get a Mesa Big Block Titan V12 amplifier head? That would be a great match for the Basson 8x10.
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I considered the V12 but it's 1. a little more than I want to spend and 2. it scares me lol. 1200 watts of tube power is just...well it's just hard for me to really comprehend lol

I like that Demeter though, at least better than some the other main stream brands offerings

What would you recommend for a power amp though? I know I can get a Carvin pretty cheap and then I've looked at a Peavey CS 2000 and a QSC PLX2502 (which is a touch expensive) but I'm new to this area of gear so I'm open to advice
Carvin makes great power amplifiers. For what you plan to do, take a look at this one:


The Mesa Big Block Titan V12 isn't a tube amp. It has a tube preamp (4x12AX7 tubes) and a solid-state power amplifier. It is a monster, and I have seriously considered buying one. I like my Carvin R1000 a bit too much, though. Peavey's IPR line of power amps has gotten very good reviews lately. I like this one:


And of course, there is always the PV series:


Almost any brand name power amplifier is going to be a solid choice. As for QSC, check out the RMX 2450:

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it would work just fine but it just be more expensive, and heavyer because you would be carrying an extra power amp that is basicly sitting there doing nothing built into the amp.

just make sure the head has a balenced line out or di out and then run it into a power amp. just dont skimp out on cash when you get your power amp and that baby will still be kicking like brand new 20 years from now.

but to be compleatly honest i have 1300w running into my ampeg 8x10 and that is MORE then enough even live. at practice with other people that much power doesent even go halfway. i cannot really fathom a situation requiring that much power onstage because it will either be too much power or the venue would already have moniters and such.

if you reallylike having the multi band EQ you could allways add one to your setup in the FX loop they make 5,7,8,9,10,12,20,21,31,100, ect. band eqs that you could hook up in addition to a very sweet sounding preamp. there are also plenty of preamps that have one built in like my Ampeg SVP pro. they stoped making them a few years ago but you can still find them used. also look into trace eliot and groove tubes (or it might be called groove bass something like

the BBE preamps are very awesome have you checked into those? it is an amazing sounding preamp that has alot of versitillity and would be able to get you any tone if you added a multi band eq to it.

Genz-Benz caters especially to the "tone freeks" offering solid state and tube preamps in the same package and also has weird dials ive never seen before on other amps that alter the way the soundwave goes thru the speaker and curvetures of the midrange.
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Sorry for the semi-necro post but I think I've finally figured out what I'm gunna do but I have a question.

I'm going to try to find the Ampeg SVP Pro pre amp like Emergency is running and depending on my bank account size at the time either a QSC or Carvin power amp

Now question, with running that much power I know I most likely need a power conditioner...but which one? I don't really understand all the specs on it and how it relates into wattage so any help would be amazing
A power conditioner is mainly a surge protector that prevents a huge surge of power from running to your equipment and frying it. It also keeps the voltage going in stable so that you don't have any drop-offs. There really aren't any bad ones out there. Some just have more inputs and more bells and whistles than others. Here are two good ones that don't cost a lot:



As you can see, they both have the bells and whistles but aren't too expensive.
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1500 watts is plenty, im not sure why youd just want that much. A 500 watt rig could go from small pubs to wembley stadium no problem. Just go for the easiest route.

And their are preamp out their that have way more features. Check out the mike pope preamp and studio preamps and the SWR MM preamp.
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