just having some fun

Take The Kids And Get Out Of The House, We Dont Have A Clown Statue

I am your murderer

Run so I can have some fun
Raping my next carcass
Don't look at the chainsaw
Look at my disease ridden teeth
They are the ones who will rip you apart

Your flesh is so much cleaner when I tear out your vagina
****ing your filthy brains out

Bruised into a maggot filled corpse
Down the stairs you are crushed
Laughing in ecstacy I defile you again

I can't eat you whole
While you're alive and you're still breathing
Mutilation is required I'll watch you wretch in pain

and screaming
I am your murderer
I am your murderer
I am your ****ing murderer
Quote by HxCGiraffe
wow. I really hope this is a joke

hahaha it is, and i had fun writing it too
Quote by shuriken
you're not shagrath, so you fail.

since when does Dimmu Borgir have lyrical content about cannibal necrophiliac clowns? You fail.
Obviously inspired by the creepypasta with the same punchline.
Ergo, you are a /b/tard.
My advice is that you sing it slowly and softly, using only an acoustic guitar.

Do it. NOW.
i thought it was decent.
i'm not sure what the other,
knob goblins are going on about.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.