I'm trying to choose a hollow body guitar to buy right now. It's down between an Ibanez Artcore (Forget the model) that's going for $280 in my local guitar center, used, looks like new, and an Agile Harm 1 (multiple models around $330, plus $20 from shipping).

Which should I go for? Can anyone compare Ibanez and Agile's hollow bodies? Should I eschew both and go for a $400 Epiphone?
Also, I plan on playing jazz, blues, classic rock, etc. I have a Vox Valvetronix 15w amp. I live in the US.
I have an Ibanez AF-75, it plays pretty well. I haven't tried an agile, but i've only heard good things about them. I would recommend trying the Ibanez out at the shop before you make a decision personally; nothing is better than actually playing a guitar when it comes to deciding what to get.
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I've got an Ibanez AS73 and I can play rock, blues, Jazz (Exceptionally good jazz tone) indie and even later Metallica stuff on it and plays like a dream! I would recommend one to anyone! Played an Agile and couldn't feel the difference in price in regards playability and tone
I'm an owner of an Ibanez AGS73B, let me tell it's one hell of a versatile instrument. It can go everywhere, Jazz, Rock, hell it can even wander into metal if need be. BradG4 is pretty right when he says it can play some Metallica. Very good tone.

But by all means, please check it out, test it, mess with it. If it feels right, get it. They're quality guitars.