I play an Ibby RG350 (yeahyeah, the infamous Edge III) and over the past weeks to a month fret buzz on the lowest 3 strings has been slowly appearing.

Does this mean the action has slowly slipped lower, the neck slowly shifted- or is it just cause I haven't changed strings in about 7 months? I use Elixirs and they usually last 4-6 months
It probably just means the strings have lost their brand-new springiness.
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It probably just means the strings have lost their brand-new springiness.

Cool, I hope it's that. My Epi Les Paul has also got some bitchin' fret buzz on lower strings, though I've barely touched that in the past year. I'm hoping that its not a neck problem, although I NEVER lean my guitars by their necks so can't think why that'd be
guitar all need a little setting up from time to time.

old strings, weather changes...

there's a setup thread at the top of the page.

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change the strings, and actually check setup every week/fortnight, and a major setup every 6 months (learn how to do it yourself), like Jenny says weather/climate affects the guitar....pro players get their setup done every couple of days when touring mainly `cos of travelling to different climates and the guitars being kept in a aircrafts hold (very cold)longer than what it`s actually played.