Ok. So, just to preface this, I understand perfectly that this is a guitar amp forum....and Guitar Pro 6 is NOT a real guitar. That being said, I don't even PLAY real guitar. I'm just looking for some help, so I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys and girls can look past the fact that I'm talking about a computer program and help me out.

For those of you that have Guitar Pro 6, I'm really looking for some help. I don't know diddly squat about all of the great amp settings and effects and mixes that I can apply to my electric guitars, and it'd be great if someone can help me reach the tone that I so truly desire! :P

Anyways, most of the stuff that I've written is either in C# or A...just like Dark Tranquillity. SO I'm hoping that someone with knowledge about Guitar Pro 6 can help me find a good combination of equipment in the program to get a tone similar or identical (latter would be awesome, haha :P) to Dark Tranquillity in Fiction or Character (I think the guitars in We Are The Void sound different.....but I could be wrong about that, haha :P).

If anyone knows anything about Dark Tranquillity and/or Guitar Pro 6, it'd be a huge help if you can contribute to this thread!!

I haven't really found any good settings unfortunately, the high gain sounds on GP6 kinda suck
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Me neither. I just dont use the RSE. The sounds are just.....horrible.
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I haven't really found any good settings unfortunately, the high gain sounds on GP6 kinda suck

yeah, lol, see I feel like a huge freaking moron, because I HAD a seriously good setting but I was like "Oh, it can be better!" And i forgot to save it as a preset. Then I ****ed it all up and now I can't remember my old amazing settings, lol