Hello everyone,

I really enjoy singing - i try to sing everyday, and people who have heard me have said I have a good voice (i've sung in a couple of shows).

However, I'm painfully self conscious - I wouldn't mind putting videos on youtube, but I'm afraid my friends and family would see it. Even at home, I wait till my parents go out of the house before I start singing.

How could I learn to be less self-conscious, and just let go. Even sticking videos of myself on youtube for friends and family to see. I know they would be supportive, it's just that singing is one of those things where you open up, and just express yourself really deeply.

Think about if you saw one of YOUR friends/siblings on youtube. Would you sit and snicker about it, or would you think its cool?

Have more pride in it. When I cover a song or play a song thats influenced by somebody, I like to believe that I'm personally doing it for them
It's just stage fright - part of it is getting your skill up, the other part is just getting out there and doing it.

But I can completely understand being nervous playing infront of family and friends, I actually get more nervous playing infront of family in the kitchen than in a crowded bar of drunks :P
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Ok cool - thanks for the quick tips! I might just upload a track here on UG before putting anything on youtube, will raise my confidence a bit

And 'AlanHB', i'm ok with singing in front of strangers... it's just the family
I guess when i've done it once, i'll be ok to do it again ^^
What about taking lessons? My instructor does a great job boosting my confidence- not just with learning technique but encouraging me. I find that the more you play/sing in front of people, the easier it becomes. First you need to stop passing judgement on yourself, or you will always worry about others!
I think it's just mental things with your family. That and if you've been around them when learning to sing, and they tell you to be quiet, you become conditioned to not sing when they're around because you don't want to feel you're annoying them. Well you don't want to be told to stop either haha.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I was in the same boat when I started a few years back. MY advice is to I guess gradually exposure your singing more, like first start when people are home in your room, then after a bit crack the door, and so on, just take baby steps until your comfortable with yourself. If you keep it about on a regular basis they'll notice and most likely give you a compliment or feedback, at least they'll get to see how much you're progressing. Like Alan said, it's understandable to be nervous around yous family, because they're opinions matter to you. Try singing in parks, or places you general go on your free time, and get use to the situation.

Eventually, you'll get use to the feeling and just be comfortable with it. You'll still be nervous, for me at least that never goes away, but you basically learn to accept it and like I said be comfortable with it. Personally, I get kind of a buzz singing live. The idea of being judged by others makes more pressure, and all you have to do is step up to the plate. I use to sound the best in the studio when I'm confided to a vocal room and it feels like I'm alone, but now I find my best performances are live because of the pressure. And it's easy if you know you sounds good too, getting the confidence factor in there is a big thing, too.

Good luck!
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i can sing to a song around outher people, or i'll sing if i'm not even being remotely serious. but when i record and do become serious, i won't start until everyone is upstairs or out of the house, and if there are still people up stairs i put my hand on the wall (because i can't hear anything outside my room) and feel for them coming down the stairs. :/ your more confident then me.
im the same,i really want to sing but my voice is really deep and theres so many notes i cant get,plus i think people wud make fun,i wasnt nervous before but then my mates laughed so i stopped then my voice broke,anyone got anything to suggest? an im looking at kurt cobains kinda singing