As it says above, are agile guitars any good? I only found out about these guitars a few minutes ago, when a member of a group (on my facebook page) that is selling these guitars said that these guitars are 'waaaay better than any PRS SE'. Is this true or is this a cheap statement to sway me to buy one of these guitars that they are hawking? To me they are basically inexpensive copies of Fender and Gibson and a PRS SE is still a PRS and still maintain some degree of being genuine (I'm a PRS fan as you can see). I have to say that they are really beautiful and offer some features on some of their models that may not be present on some PRS SE models, but to me it is a musical instrument, and it must sound great? Does it? Compared to a PRS SE, which is better? The maple tops are supposedly real, is this true? Are they constructed well? Do they sound great? Aside from price, which is better in terms of sound, playability and construction, the Agile or PRS SE? Your help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
you could buy a PRS SE or buy an Agile and upgrade it with the same amount of money, basically. Agiles have rock solid build quality, especially once you get into the $400+ range. I personally would always choose an Agile over a comparable PRS anyday.
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They're yet another generic made-in-Asia copy brand. They're fine. They're not great, they're not bad, they're fine. Arguably, they are great for the money. But that is the best they can hope to be. Better than a PRS SE? debatable. Every PRS SE guitar I've tried has been simply terrible, and it's a straight-forward fact that the PRS SE models are missing several key features that make the actual PRS guitars so good, but then some people love their PRS SEs and swear by them. Similarly there are some people who claim that their Agile guitars are better than Gibson and PRS (''proper'' PRS) guitars and then there are others (known as "sane people") who recognise that Agiles are what they are: a run-of-the-mill, decent enough copy brand. Nothing more, nothing less. You get what you pay for.
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Welcome to thread #349867352978536 on this subject...

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