The clean guitar part is way too repetitive.
The lead guitar part is sloppy, unstructured, and has terrible tone.
Overall, it sounds like a bad ripoff of the "Fade to Black" intro that lasts way longer than it should.
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I thought it was nice, but your lead tone needs work. I think more of a smooth Gilmour tone would match it more. Your tone had way too much gain and treble. Other than that, it was nice.
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tone: yea i use a mt-2, i need to buy an plain overdrive pedal and my strings need a changing, im putting it off because i hate changng my strings

and to the other opinions: agreed! most i can manage with a metronome, audacity, and a distortion pedal...sry...
Really nice, mellow vibe to this song. The leads are great but the tone is killing my eardrums. I had to turn the volume down to minimum. It's like nails on a black board bad. Like the guy before me wrote, too much treble and gain. It's a shame really cos I’m really digging the song. Would love to hear a better recording of this cos it's does sound like a great piece.


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ah man thats a bummer. i'm playing on a shitty ibanez gio, i almost feel like (or convinced myself) that the distortion hides all the downfalls of the guitar, buzzing high action, warped neck, and the bolt neck lack of sustain. the feed back has actually been alot better than i had imagined it would be. as far as tone i'm pretty much clueless and have been oblivious to it until i posted on here. I'm thinking about dropping a chunk of change on a les paul, but i'm still deciding if i'm at the level where i would need a les paul or i'm just craving a change of scenery...but i digress

if i buy the guitar, i'll give it another shot. i have 2 tones in mind clean, muted pick up. or a lightly overdriven, more bluesy feel.

sorry for changing this into a kind of ''help me chose/ suggest to me thread'' but i think its appropriate

on a side note i've been browsing the other threads in the subforum and man do i have alot of practicing to do lol

and ty for lifting me from my tonal ignorance, i'm going to be spending some time messing with my pedal and guitar knobs to find one that i really like, and isn't overdoing it at the same time...