I'm very interested in buying a tube amp and I was looking at the Fender Hot Rod and Blues Deluxe, but I like really gritty cranked tones and as i need it for practise and very small gigging, this wont be happening so I wasn't sure weather to get a smaller one that you can turn to 11.

Also I am looking at around £500 - £600 and am more than happy to buy used.

And I play stuff like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, MC5. Garage Blues Punk I'd Say
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Why not just get a decent OD pedal and put that in front, best of both world good cleans and grittyness with the stomp of a foot.

A Big muff in front of either of those will nail the White Stripes sound.
I've got a Big Muff and it's probably the best thing I've ever bought, but I wasn't sure about inbetween clean and ridiculous fuzz, would the amps do inbetween or should I invest in a Micro amp or something aswell?
Honestly if only for practice and small gigs, the Blues Deluxe/Hot Rod Deluxe is going to be too loud.

I'd suggest checking out a Blues Jr. 15 watts, nice and loud, but you can crank it at home. I use it for plenty of decent sized gigs too.
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The HRD grit leaves a lot to be desired tbh. But if you've already got a muff then you should be fine for the tones that you are looking for.

Just make sure to tweak your settings on your amp and pedal and you should be fine.

Both White Stripes and the Black Keys use good clean tones with some OD/fuzz. I've seen the White Stripes use a Muff before, and the last time I saw the Black Keys they were using some old school looking Fender amp with a Muff and what looked like a Blues Driver.

The important part is getting a good clean tone and building on that.
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or a pro junior. also 15 watts, a little cheaper than the bjr. it's worth checking out if you will be using a pedal for grit.
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i would agree on getting a smaller amp. you want to stay around the 15-25 watt range.

it is important to remember that half the wattage does not mean half as loud. takes 10x less watts to be half as loud (ergo, 10watt amp is half as loud as 100 watt amp).

i have a 60 watt 4x10 hot rod deville, and i really wish i had gotten something smaller. a peavey classic 3 is probably what i need, and it sounds similar to your needs.

any dirt you get from a hot rod series amp will have to be gotten from a pedal unless you are playing super loud. the gain channels are awful on these amps.