Hey, On my Vintage V100 there is occasionally rattle from the TOM bridge, when I bend strings, play fretted notes or open strings. I removed the strings and have seen that the saddles are loose and move about. Is there anything I can do to sort this out?
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I get that on my Epi, Rally and Gibson LPs. Actually my LTD is the first guitar I've found with a stock tune-o-matic that doesn't rattle. Seems to be a very common problem. My theory is tune-o-matics are a bit fiddly to make properly fitting saddles for, it's not like Strat or Tele bridges where you've got really easy acess to every screw, spring and hole.

I've not found a real fix for it yet other than just buying a new bridge/bridge saddles. Sucks, but that seems to be the only solution. I'd recommend the Graph Tech ResoMax bridges as a replacement, really good tone and no rattle. Stuck one on my Epi and it has sorted the noise and really improved the sustain too.
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Tape? Crude, but if it works then awesome, and if not, it's tape, just take it off. :Shrug:

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until you upgrade you can sometimes get away with putting a bit of sponge under the rattling part.

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