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I'm sure many people here have a Paypal account to use with their ebay account, and i was wondering if any of you could post how safe it is and if you have / have had any problems with it and ebay, i'm trying to show a friend how safe it is
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Yeah, it's pretty safe, never had any problem with it/them.

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It's safe, I've used it for both buying and selling. The only issue I've had is scam emails claiming to be PayPal, trying to get account information but that has nothing to do with them directly.
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It's very, very, very trustworthy.

You can get scammed on eBay-If you're stupid enough. But that will be no problem as you can contact a certain department and you just have to re-list the item again which is a bit of a bother.
Never had problems with it. My friend had his accounts frozen though. If you're just thinking of buying metal merch, you should be fine.

There are a lot of Paypal horror stories so I would say use it sparingly. Otherwise, it's trustworthy enough
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It's fine - if you sell something, then they have to send payment, then they can't retract it. You post the item, they leave positive feedback, you get money. Easy.

If you get scammed via paypal or eBay then usually you deserve it - it's so hard to get scammed now it's a wonder people bother.
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