I didn't see a thread for this so I'm just going to make a new thread. I saw this movie (memento) recently for the first time and I have a question (actually I have many, but this is one of them). Assuming that Teddy was telling the truth in the end(as this seemed to be presented in the movie to be true), then everything that had happened to Sammy actually happened to Lenny. It also seemed to be implied in the movie that he convinced himself of the Sammy story through conditioning; by telling everyone he met about him. If that is true how would he have killed his wife through giving her too many insulin shots? In Sammy's story this was only caused by Sammy's lack of response to conditioning thereby getting the insurance company to claim it was not a physical problem and therefore making his wife try to test him.
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Why did you remake this thread? You're an 05'er, you should know better.


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Mmmkay, I just have a few things to say.

1. Spoiler Alerts would be appreciated.

2. This movie is like 10 years old bro, not many people will remember much.

and finally...


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