Hi guys. I have 450-500 bucks to spend on guitar gear being pedals or a guitar im not in the market for an amp seeing as i love the one i have right now . The music i like is jimi hendrix johnny winter led zeppelin i mostly like classic rock and maybe a little hard rock.
I have a epiphone les paul jekyll and hyde overdrive/distorion and a marshall class 5.
If you need anymore info feel free to ask
You said you like Hendrix, so maybe a wah pedal?
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You said you like Hendrix, so maybe a wah pedal?

this or maybe and agile guitar if you're looking to buy a guitar
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I kinda want a strat but I wanna find a used one so i can put 69 custon shop pickups in it
If you lookin for an Effects Processor i would reccomend a Zoom G1X and higher they come with several distortion and Effects settings just a thought but you can get a G1X for under 100 bucks used (i got mine for 80) and you could also still afford the strat and extra pickups
ibanez tube screamer?
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450-500...lurk ebay and grab yourself a nice Fender Strat or something. Used they go for that price.