Today while at my local music shop I picked up and Ibanez and was immediately shocked at how thin the neck was. In fact, after a minute or two with it I found it too thin for my taste. I also have pretty big hands, and also find necks like Gibsons and Fenders more comfortable to play on, so I wondered, is there any correlation between hand size and the thickness of the neck that makes playing easier, or is it just personal preference?
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Personal preference. Guys like Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai have pretty big hands (not really big, but long fingers) and they use very thin necks. John Petrucci has bigish hands, his signature guitar has a pretty small neck.
I've got small hands and i like medium sized necks.
Like Phil said, it's a matter of taste. There are exceptions as he noted, but for the most part thin necks are comfy for people with small and medium hands, and for people like me who make the paws of a bear look like a child's oven mitts, baseball bat necks are usually comfy.

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I prefer V profiles, like on vintage Fenders and USA Deans. I wish my Flying V had a V profile neck (Ironic, right?) but after awhile I learned to like it's odd thick-and-shallow profile
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I've got small hands, and my favorite necks on earth are the 60s neck on my Les Paul and the whatever is on my Strat. Comfeh.
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I've Got Big hand but prefer Thin necks for their ease of playing fast licks.
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I also believe it's more a matter of preference rather than a function of hand size.

Personally I have hideous Buckethead-sized hands and can play on just about anything without too much trouble, although going from one neck size to another typically results in a bit of pain and frustration while I adjust my grip and technique. I used to swear by the wide-fat neck carve on my PRS, but after getting used to the slimmer profile of ESPs and Godins and I've come to prefer them by far, and the PRS is starting to seem clumsy by comparison. But my experience has been largely that it's a matter of preference and adapting your grip.

So yeah, whatever's comfortable to your hands, your technique and your style, really.
I have big hands and I play a Strat and an RG. I think it has to do with technique more than anything. It's not comfortable to play the Strat like the RG and vice versa. Wrapping your hand around a Strat neck is extremely comfortable but the same can't be said about Ibanez. When you grab a Strat and pick it up, it feels natural to most because of the profile. Ibanez necks are made for fast playing and your technique has to be "correct" to get the most out of it. They're not made to be gripped like a traditional rock guitarist would grasp their guitar. If you compare Yngwie to Gilbert's technique, you'll notice that Yngwie has a tight grasp on his neck while Gilbert's is extremely loose. Most Ibanez players who play thin necks play like that. I think Ibanez necks aren't meant to be felt. They're trying to be as obscure as possible. When you play them, it should be all fingers and fretboard. I think that's how they were designed.
I have huge hands but, short fat fingers. I prefer a nice big chunky neck like the 50's Les Paul profile. Thin necks like that wizard thing Ibenhad makes causes major cramps in my hands. There is no right or wrong here it is just a personal preference. This another reason to try before you buy when it comes to a guitar. Fork over the money and buy off the net if you actually KNOW what you are buying. Do not just go by advice of some fool that just so happens to post in a forum that guitar XYZ is the best thing to come along since the invention of air.

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i have very very thin hands but long, slender fingers, and i like thicker than thick necks best generally - in terms of what people call a "baseball bat", i prefer something chunkier than that. my favourite neck profile ever was on a 1959 les paul junior double cutaway that the owner described as a "telegraph pole" neck.
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I don't think there's any correlation, I have really big hands and I rather thinner necks like Dean and Ibanez necks over Gibson necks(I found the SGs I've played with the gloss necks to be near-unplayable, honestly).
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Totally preference. Loved ibanez when I was first starting, and was shocked at how thick a Les Paul neck was. Now, if its not a baseball bat I don't like playing it. Normal hands here, but I like me some corn fed heffer necks!
It's just like people have said, it's all preference. I don't have the biggest hands, but I tend to fluctuate to fatter D and C profile necks.

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I prefer V profiles, like on vintage Fenders and USA Deans. I wish my Flying V had a V profile neck (Ironic, right?) but after awhile I learned to like it's odd thick-and-shallow profile

Nope. See sig.

I love Les Paul necks, PRS necks, Ibanez necks, etc- I don't really have a preference. Les Paul necks may be a bit too thick for really fast passages though. My hands are medium sized so maybe that's why.
I don't know if my hands are small or just normal sized, they aren't exactly big and I can't stand those paper thin necks.

As everyone else already stated: preference.
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I have long thin hands and hate statocaster necks.. as a strat was my first guitar i liked it untill i got my epip. les paul where the neck isnt as wide. Which now i love. As for Ibanez ive played one its ok, personally better than a fat strat neck.
I have normal-big hands and huge necks are just much more comfortable, usually if my thumb and index finger wrap around the diameter of the neck I consider that too thin

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