I've been attempting to play some on guitar, but it's really hard to play the breakdowns and get used to the rhythm. Ive attempted to play some haste the day and some devil wears prada but its really hard for me to play their songs. I can get some riffs down, but its the rhythm that really screws me over. How can I improve on guitar so i can play metalcore music? I feel as if bands like devil wears prada make their songs second by second and really have no steady rhythm to them at all. It's very confusing.

Some of the devil wears prada songs ive tried to play are danger wildman and reptar king of the ozone.
tdwp doesnt have any rhythm they just play random crap and breakdowns are the easiest part of the songs.. its basically just chugging on the low E, just listen to the song and u should get the breakdowns easy...
yeah i mean i feel as if the bands that use breakdowns are playing less notes than it really sounds. idk how to explain it.
yeah, some of the breakdowns i've heard are pretty much, fast random strumming, though that depends on the song, i mean, the breakdown of some songs are the hardest part

just keep practicing on getting the rhythm down, coz once you do, learning other metalcore songs is gonna be sorta straightforward
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