I've been thinking about getting rid of my strat for a more metal guitar. Preferably something with an HSH configuration and a floyd rose. Saw an Ibanez RG 250 DX on craigslist today and liked it, had everything i'm looking for and was cheap. So I went to look for specs on it. Looked through a lot of pages on google and really couldn't find anything. No pages on sweetwater, musiciansfriend, guitar center, sam ash, etc.

What just looking for the specs on this guitar, or atleast point me in the right direction.

Edit:Heres the add
I'm kind of a noob here, but that is just a 350dx. The picture of the back of the headstock isn't a high enough quality to properly read the text. I'd get in contact with the seller about it
That looks like a 350DX, tbh.
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