layaway, paid for in full and shipping soon or easy payments - what guitar or guitars do you have on the way? i have 2 small body guilds, a GAD m20 should be shipping this week and a GAD f20 on layaway.

how about you?
off-white Gibson Explorer!!!! =D =D =D \M/
Hell Yea Im Straight Edge!
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believe me, i know the feeling

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None but the next piece of equipment is always on my mind...


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off-white Gibson Explorer!!!! =D =D =D \M/
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cole clark fl2ac, another bose l1, a fender big apple strat
Gibson Grand Concert Acoustic
roland AC90

I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
Nothing planned at this stage but my next acoustic will definitely be something custom hand-built.
Nothing sadly . Though I am selling my lindo, i've finally decided the actions too high for me and the electrics are broke so going to sell it to someone who plays acousticly and not plugged in. Got my eye on another beauty though and its my birthday in 19 days, so we'll see
I have a Seagull Maritime SWS HG on the way. ^.^ Too bad it wasn't in stock, so it could take forever for all I know.
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I'd like to get a Gibson j45 or a Martin D28. If anyone would like to send donations, I will happily give you my paypal info.

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My first acoustic, a used Jasmine ES33C. It's got a month left on the security grace period at Guitar Center to ensure that they didn't get it after it was stolen. And I'm never going to make it to July 8. I already love her.
I've observed that I fall harder and more deeply in love with guitars than I do with girls. And I don't have such a problem with that.
Jasmine ES33C
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My only commercially-made instrument at present is a Yamaha APX-500. (small-bodied acoustic/electric. Nice little axe, bought it because the dread I had last hurt my shoulder.

As well though, I have an orchestra of home-made "cigar-box" instruments. Two resonator guitars, a mandola, a banjo, ukulele, a sort of baritone ukulele.... And I'm working on a six-string electric and a two-string fretless.
I would love a 00 of some kind, but...
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Hopefully by the end of summer I'll have an SWS Maritime Seagull in my posession... thats the plan anyways but it may have to wait until christmas.
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Gibson J-185.

Soon I'll receive this guitar whose quality will be higher than my playing ability will ever be.

I can't wait.
A Washburn Southwest D48 12 string acoustic in transit as I write this

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