Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to buy an ESP 400 series Stratocaster or a Fender Classic 50s series Stratocaster. Which guitar is better and why?
Asking which is better is going net multiple results, going to depend on the person playing it. I prefer the Fender Classic, but it doesn't mean it is better.
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My classic 50's is a dream. I mean, just beautiful guitar.
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what genre do you mostly play?
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I guess my main concern is the price. I can't afford a guitar that is > $700.
I've only played the Standard Strat, which is the cheapest Strat available. It didn't seem to suit my fave genre, which is grunge. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong guitar?

I initially wanted a Mustang, but the price is ridiculous for the quality, in my opinion.
I can get a good grunge sound out of my Squier Strat with a ProCo Rat.
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To be honest...I don't even have my own distortion pedal yet.
But, I don't know, doesn't a Strat sound a bit thin? Would installing a bridge humbucker in a Strat make it sound better, or deeper?
I don't think so. I mean Kurt Cobain used Strats and he is considered kind of the father of grunge. How can a guy put grunge on the map with a Strat, but a Strat not be good for grunge?
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Yea...I agree, you've got a point. It's the music that counts, after all, right?
Regarding the two Strats I mentioned, I'm kinda attracted to the ESP Strat, because it is vintage and rare. The problem is, I can only buy it online, so I can't try it out myself. Do you, or anyone else, know the quality of its sound?
The ESP sounds pretty good. At a cheaper price, I think I'll choose that one.
Thanks for your help!
the classic range are fantastic guitars for the price i have a classic 60s aswell as two highend american strat plus's and theres very little difference in build quality both fantastic
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A Fender costs more but it retains it's value better than any other brand of guitar. When in doubt, go with the Fender. If you 'know' another guitar is better for your needs then go for it. However, don't expect to get much of your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations.
You do realize that most of what you're hearing from those videos is the amp, and not the guitar, right? You won't be able to tell the difference between the ESP and the Fender unless you play them in real life.
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Raijouta, I understand what you mean, but like I said, it's difficult to get my hands on an ESP Strat. How else am I going to determine the difference? Should I just forget about it if I can't play it myself?