Hey guys up for sale I've got my Mesa Stiletto Trident. I've got the original manual dust cover, footswitch and warranty papers that all come with it.

It was re-tubed right around 8 months ago. I'm selling it to fund a 5150III
only issue is the cosmetic tarnish on the top grill. Great shape other than that.

This is a stage 1 it has the 50/150 watt switch on both of it's channels.

I could be open to the possibility of trades.

$1000 plus actual shipping takes this home.

Hey, I have the same exact Mesa amp and have currently thought about switching to a 5150

I was curious as to what reasons you are selling your mesa
Wrd up man. Right now the band I'm playing for I'm using active and drop tuning and this amp sounds absolutely KILLER with my duncans I prefer the sound of my rectifier or a 5150 with EMGs. That's pretty much the only reason I'm selling it. Why are you thinking of switching? if you don't mind me asking haha
Sorry about your Rhoads man... ouch...
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Yeah dude. I think that was the saddest day of my life. I'm trying to move both that and the jackson as well. If someone has a 5150 lying around I'll trade both of those for that or a wide variety of stuff.