Really interested in the whole idea of vinyl and am planning on getting a record player soon.

Totally inexperienced with every aspect of speakers and turntables and what not besides the little research I've done the past couple hours.

Can the pit help me out?
(And I know there is a vinyl thread.)

So far this is looking like the best.
EDIT: Forgot to post a link, its this.
Audio Technica AP-LP120
Budget for the turntable: $200>
Speakers: Depends, need a sub also.

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dude i bought a shitty turntable for 80 bucks and just play it through my little 140w panasonic stereo and it sounds mad.
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Try to find a used turntable. Most people at garage sales just want to get rid of them, and have no idea of how valuable some of them are. Plus most just need a new needle
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I currently only own a couple vinyls because I liked the album art so its not like a have a huge collection.
I'm getting a turntable so I can start collecting, and because I like the sound quality. If I didn't care about the quality I wouldn't be bothering with this and would continue with CDs and downloads.
The whole just find a cheap shitty one idea is like saying just go with $5.00 headphones because they have the ability to play music.

Thanks though, I've thought about just getting whatever comes my way, but chances are a lot of albums I'll be buying will be older and cheap turntables don't play slightly warped records like a better, more adjustable one might be able to.

Thanks you though.

And for the speakers, will 140w be getting me some real undistorted volume?

Just step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above.


Bang and f#cking Olufsen. Every time. Not only do they look sexy as hell, but they sound great.
Also, anyone have experience transferring vinyl to MP3?

Just step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above.