I will be hanging out with one of my favorite artists and spending time with him and his band the weekend of July 16th. I have previously met him and he has agreed to sign my epiphone aj-100vs acoustic guitar. I have provided a picture of the guitar. I was wondering what the best way to preserving this signature would be. I have read that signing with an acrylic pen and then applying acrylic clear coat is the best way. I plan on getting the guitar signed on the lower right section of the 'burst in perspective to the picture. Thanks for the help guys.
may i ask who the artist is?
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EDIT: Nice double post
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Matt Maher, a Christian artist. He's a good guitarist/songwriter and I've thought about pursuing Christian music as a career so it'll mean a lot when I get it signed.

@Brad I guess I'll just use a sharpie then. Thanks.
I don't have time to search for the actual link right now, but this website has an article on this.... www.frets.com

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I got mine signed by Tommy Emmanuel He does it just above the neck where it joins onto the body. But the "L" has worn away
I wouldn't get your guitar signed but rather an album cover or a photo of the two of you. Just my opinion.