The band is called Hildur Victoria. They're from my hometown, Minneapolis/MN and I'm trying to figure out what chord progression they're using but I'm not very good at transcribing.

their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hildurvictoria Diamond Eyes is the song

The intro/verse/prechorus all seem really simple. 3-4 chords each tops. I will try to tab it out if I can get a handle on the chords but I'm a beginner for transcribing so it's tough. Any help would be appreciate ty.
Go to a show if you can and watch them play it. I have to do that for a bunch of bands. If you still live there that is. If not, just play with it until you get it.

Start in drop D or any other drop tuning, and just play the power chords at the top first. Then work string by string until you get just that tone. The chord is obviously not the top strings, it has a lot of light tones in it. But work with the top, find out what notes sound right, and transfer them. For each string, subtract 5 (when tuning, they are the same note at 5, and 4 for the D-G string)

I might be telling you something you already know, but if not, really work on that. It is an invaluable skill. transferring chords. And it build your music theory and general knowledge of the guitar like crazy.

... best advice I've given in awhile.
thx! I found out about this band tonight and they play next friday in town ha so that works out :P I'll try out drop d to get the tones. What do you mean by find the note and transfer them? I know the 5note difference part. (ty for the help also! :P)