Got a question UG. I'm applying for a job (FYE if it matters) and in the employment history section I would like to put my two years of teaching guitar. However, in the application, it asks for a company name and the name of your supervisor. Should I just make up a company name and put myself as my supervisor or leave it off and mention it in the interview if I get one?
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just say you taught guitar

I can't, there's nowhere to put that. It's either say teaching guitar was part of a company or leave it out.
no, leave it out. Teaching guitar is a good skill, but really isn't what they're asking for and it'd probably look like a negative overall. Just apply with what you can and go in for the interview and show them that you're as responsible as people who've had six other jobs.

I was in this situation last summer, filling out applications, but I didn't have any formal work experience. I just did construction with my dad till then and was always in sports so I never had time. But just apply, then come in a week later to follow up, try to find a manager to clear up that even though you don't have a resume, you're still a great choice as an employee.
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there should be a place for volunteer work and other things youve done.

teaching guitar isnt really an occupation that they would care about though. they want a more professional kind of thing.
Just put "self employed" or whatever. They probably won't give a shit, to be honest, since that's not really a "job" in the sense that you've got a boss and have responsibilities with things like stocking shelves and working cash registers and interacting with everyday people, but at the same time it couldn't hurt your chances.