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Anyway, I wanna 1 day get my band labeled, and as understood, more and more labels are interested in more than just music, so I want to make a band website. I need to know some domain website like (webs.com) or something, which allows you to make your own page there, but I need that page to support in-built music player and if possible video player. So... help me out!
Try google. Honestly, I believe they have some hosting sites, that all you to start up a site. Granted, it costs cash.
I think Myspace fulfills your needs quite nicely.

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Quote by Zeletros
Thanks mates, but considering my budget, I need a free one

If your going to be hosting video on it, a free one wont be enough most likely
^Many hosts offer .5 GB of space, I'd think that would be enough?

xinos.org and byethost are probably your best options for free hosting.

https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ is a good extremely cheap host (0.01$ per MB storage, 1$ per GB bandwidth).
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Just use MySpace, or if you want websites, webs.com. There are plenty of free webhost out there. Alot of them use Joomla to create the website, it's really easy to use.

However, if you want a .com domain, you are going to have to pay for it. Those aren't free.
The domains that are free off of the top of my head are .co.nr and .tk

If you are worried about limitations on uploading, you can always use photobucket, vimeo, youtube, megavideo and so on.

I have a website hosted on dreamhost and they are very reliable, though I use more of the FTP for my websites instead of depending on control panels and such.
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Quote by Shelbien
I think Myspace fulfills your needs quite nicely.

+1. Use that until you get big, then comes the main webpages
I suggest MySpace with links to youtube for the moment
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I' have some trouble with customizing myspace, having own website is still more merit that myspace, even if I actually customized it. And I've some friends who are willing to help me with the website.