I need some help with my tubes, in my head. I mean my Blue Voodoo. The tubes are starting to die and its killing me. Ive never replaced or had tubes replaced before. Im a little afraid to just open it up and see what Im dealing with. I was thinking of just making a whole-sale change, Power and Pre amp tubes. I can see that I have Groove tubes, but Im not sure what type they are or anything. I could use the help from someone who knows. Can I change them myself? Take it to a shop? What tubes do I need? Im lost. Thanks in advance.
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You can change tubes yourself. All you do is unscrew the tube retainers and wiggle them out slowly.

Not sure what tubes are good in the Blue Voodoo, though, maybe google it and find out what people are saying.
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^you don't need to unscrew the retainers just push down on them and pull the tube strait out.

spray sockets with contact cleaner like Deoxit.

If forget what power tubes come with that amp and I'm about to fall asleep at my computer but I think they are EL34s.

power look at SED Winged Cs, Sinos, Mullard, JJ, Tung Sol, maybe Groove Tube
preamp look at JJ, Tung Sol, Sovtek, JAN Phillips, Mullard, Shuguang.

I'd maybe contact dougstubes.com or thetubestore.com and get some of there recommendations.

also it depends on how you want to change your tone

mullard/JJs = darker sounding
Tung Sol/Sovtek = brighter sounding
Shuguang EL34's work quite well too - and cheap.

I'd recommend spraying the contact cleaner on the tube's pins instead of the socket and then run the tube in and out of the socket a few times.
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Thanks guys, I realized when I took the back off, it has a list of power and pre amp tubes. 6L6/5881 12ax7, I dont really want the tone to change so Im gonna get the same ones I take out. May I ask what the contact cleaner will do? Is it just for a better connection?
Ibanez RG350DX
Crate Blue Voodoo 120h
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