I went to the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. I saw Mastodon and Baroness, two of my absolute favorites..

Hopefully I'm going to Mayhem to see Korn for the second time and LOG, 5FDP.. too awesome.

Other than that, nothing.


5 days of music, beer and downright awesome scenery (the camping ground and stage is in that field in the bottom)

if anyone from UG is coming send me a message or something!
I tought Summer Camp was/will be the best this year, imo, but only because Umphrey's McGee is my favorite band and they co-headline 3 nights every year. It happened last weekend. Last year, Rothbury was my favorite, but unfortunately it did not happen this year.

The atmosphere and enormous amount of people at Rothbury is something I will never forget, and if it happens next year I'm definitely going again. Music festivals are truly great places.
I'm going to Electric Picnic in Co. Laois, Ireland. Got bands like PiL, Foals, And So I Watch You From Afar and so on. Real hippy festival
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Theres a huge festival around here almost every summer called the HFStival (I say almost because they haven't had it for a couple years, but its back), I'll be going to that. Its honestly the best summer festival around here, they seriously have some of the best/biggest bands play.
I'm only going to a small festival in my town, get about 2,000 people. So that's a day of drinking and chilling out.
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The 3 in my sig and metal camp is looking very tempting next year depending on the lineup.
Reading festival
and one of UK's biggest free festivals in my town, Godiva festival which should be good, ash headlining it
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also, in addition to my post up there I'm trying to gather up resources and willing people to go to Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic. The lineup is just way too ****ing awesome to miss
I just got my VIP ticket to Mayhem Fest in the mail this week _\m/ \m/_ Can't wait!! I've seen Zombie and LOG before, but I can't wait to see them again. Have yet to see Korn so it will be awesome to add them to the list and 5FDP and a Atreyu as well.... July 31st can't come soon enough.
Well in the Australian summer that just passed, I went to Festival of the Sun, Big Day Out and Soundwave.
Anyone going to Graspop this year? kick-ass lineup apart from a few annoying clashes (Slayer vs Devin Townsend, Nile vs Motörhead, Immortal vs Airbourne)
and now for something completely different..
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The Big Chill Anyone else from here going? Doesn't really seem UG's thing
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