So I've been playing both acoustic and electric for about 2 years, and I'm finally picking up my first acoustic (as in, my very own) in a month (providing no one reports it stolen before then). It's a used Jasmine, a nice guitar for only $130, and I love the sound. However, I'm wondering, being relatively unversed in acoustic guitar strings, which would be the best to get when I finally pick up the guitar. I'm looking to play all sorts of stuff, from Jack Johnson to Dave Matthews to more serious rock stuff to singer-songwriter fare (original compositions). I'd like them to last fairly long, but it'd be easy for me to get replacements. I've essentially been curating my mum's Ibanez acoustic in terms of strings, tried D'addario Phosphor Bronze and EXPs and liked them fair enough, but I'm looking to try something new. I loved the sound and feel of Dunlop strings on my electric, do they make acoustic strings, and if so, what's the general rep on them? And I've heard a lot of good things about Martin SP's...what would you suggest, and what are your favorite strings?
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Elixer's are pretty good strings too, they're coated so they last longer. But they're more slippery and some ppl say they sound different than uncoated strings (but the chances are it's almost unnoticable). But they are a bit expensive, but if u've been getting EXPs i guess they're not too much more.

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I use Ernie Ball Earthwoods on my acoustics now. .12s on the all wood ones and 9s-10's on the cheaper ones.

I have a few sets of elixirs to try but I hear the g-strings break easily or that the coating peels off so i've been putting that off for a long while.

When I used to have a Jasmine (was my first acoustic too) I used Martin SPs, Markley's, whatever was on sale for 3 sets for 10 bucks. Then I tried out several string brands until I found the Earthwoods. They gave me the best balance between sound and feel. Your mileage may vary.

Each string change try a different brand, or maybe every other until you figure out what you like.

One thing about my Jasmine was I couldn't go much bigger than .10s without issues. Once again your mileage may vary on this too.

And yes Dunlop makes strings. I have bought everything they make except strings so far. I'll have to give them a shot.

Good luck.