Can someone tell me how big the Line6 POD XT Bean is?

(l x h x d) in mm?

Gimme a good estimate please. I need this information FAST, PLEASE help!!

I don't think a Line 6 POD Bean (XT) exists.

There is a Pod Bean X3...
This might be it then?


PodXT Specifications

Inputs (1) ¼" unbalanced
Outputs (2) ¼" balanced; (1) ¼" stereo headphone
Maximum Input Level +5 dBV
Additional I/O MIDI In, Out/Thru; USB
Maximum Output Level +20 dBu
Dynamic Range >90 dB
Guitar In to Analog Out S/N stereo: -107.5 dB; mono: -110.2 dB
Presets 64
Amp Models 32
Effect Models 49
Mic/Cabinet Models 22
A/D Converters 24-bit; multistage hybrid; 64× oversampling
D/A Converters 24-bit; 128× oversampling
Control MIDI In; MIDI Out; RJ-45 for self-powering optional Line 6 floor controller; USB MIDI
Digital I/O USB; 16- and 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Display 122 × 32-pixel backlit LCD
Power Supply 9 VAC; 2,000 mA line-lump
Dimensions 11.5" (W) × 3.0" (H) × 7.5" (D)
Weight 3 lb.
Quote by Ignite
So in mm that would be:

292.1mm wide
76.2mm tall
190.5mm in depth

if it's sitting down flat.

Kinell bigger than I thought