so ive been playing guitar for around 5 years, and in this time ive played nothing but metal and heavy music, and thus not accomplishing a lot. ive grown to want to play other styles of guitar, mostly blues and classical style guitar playing. atm im hooked on stuff like otis taylor (banjo i know) and virtually anything with a catchy bluesy hook.

i have no idea where to start with this type of music, so if anyone wants to direct me to some good starting points id be stoked!
As far as blues there's always Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric clapton, the two names that are often thought of when the word blues is mentioned.

Classical, well you can always look at Yngwie Malmsteen, he has a very classical mindset when he writes music but always gives it that rough rock sound. Then there's also your actual classical songs, many people were really getting into Cannon in D Major by Pachelbel not too long ago, also a song thats used in alot of other songs. Brahm's lullaby is another one I've seen done on the guitar a few times..

However classical guitar songs, and classical guitarist is almost two different things. You can find many tabs for classical songs, and if you understand music notation and some theory then its really not that hard to tab any classical songs yourself.. But classical guitarist is in a way different from the way they're taught to the way they play.. small example is that most classical guitarist will always finger pick songs, some are seen holding there guitar up straight instead of across your lap on whichever knee you use. But over all, it depends how much you really wanna learn from the genres.
Listen to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, Buddy Guy, BB King. Thats where The Blues is at.
i think id go as far to say id just like to learn a little of the classical songs as opposed to the complete classical style. i still love my heavy stuff i just wanna get into some other styles of music that from what i see, seem very fun to play.
So, everyone here knows who to listen to for blues. There's plenty about.
Classical might take you towards Julian Bream, Segovia etc, or maybe Gordon Gilchrist. His stuff is really fun to play!
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The two styles are so far removed from each other that it's difficult to imagine someone mastering both...Good Luck!

The vision of Andres Segovia with a slide on his finger....Priceless.
its not really a will to master, more just some variety in my playing! blues just seems too fun to play to not get into it a bit.
Speaking of SRV, I was just thinking about In Step, he talks about his influences on the In Step reissue after Riviera Paradise (phenomenal song), what he plays there would be good to learn for Blues too.

SRV Speaks
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being a classical player. i can say that learning pieces will work. but the technique will be off. I tried it myself when i started playing classical. MY teacher is still trying to fix that haha. But theres nothing wrong with learning some classical pieces. or trying too.
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