Hi guys,
me and my missus have been asked to do a couple of acoustic songs (guitar and vocals) at a friends wedding in a few months.
We're putting together a list of potential songs, some modern an some oldies, just wondered if anyone has any good suggestions or that they've played that went down well!?

JUst keepin it simple tho, nothing complex, just some chords and vocals.

Cheers, Marc
Uhh. A big hit in most weddings I perform at is an acoustic version of 'Hey Ya'

Never do one without it lol.
some john mayer, everyone loves john mayer. 'your body is a wonderland' is a good romantic type song, as is 'daughters' but if you're feeling up for it you could try 'in your atmosphere' but if you don't want to do john mayer songs there's always tom petty. epic songs like 'free falling' 'running down a dream' 'learning to fly' and 'runaway train'
also drops of jupiter by train is a song everyone loves!
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Beloved one by Ben Harper.... Amie/ The Blowers Daughter both by Damien Rice.