Does anyone use these sorta videos?

Been thinking about learning some of the things they teach those little "lick" things


Such as that and just learning 2-3 of them every few days and seeing what i can do with them such as connect them move them around the neck etc

Would that be a good thing to learn in between learning full songs?
I used to learn quite a bit from these videos, but when they moved channels, it seemed like every other video was an advertisement or some random guy ranting about stuff that I really didn't care about...
Yeah i was thinking about just learning the sorta lick ideas coming from scales and changing them slightly and learning several of them and using their ideas into my own sorta licks i want to write and mess with as alternate practice.
ive used them to help show me how to sweep pick and how to do a couple other things but mostly learning is done by yourself
i thought some of those were pretty informative...
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I watch them sometimes, they're helpful, they won't make you the greatest guitar player to ever live, but they do help.'
Another guy i like is rob chappers, he has a lot of good lessons on there.
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i found that while i haven't seen any of their actual guitar lessons i have seen some utter shite they've posted, like the video of the guy jamming a 5-way strat switch between positions saying it'll give you some "cool new sounds" and acting like it's sounding any different to having the switch in proper positions. that, combined with the fact it DOES work if a strat has a 3-way switch, can result in very misleading information.
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I used to use their website about 3 years ago where they had LOADS of videos on how to play lots of different songs, and then they got threatened with a lawsuit, and had to stop doing it. Since then I didn't really check them out anymore!
I'm subscribed to their website. Good videos, although I'm still not sure if it's my thing (I've been a member almost a year).
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Personally I only watch their demonstration videos. I've seen some oddball guitars like the Rickenbacker 481 and some Teisco guitar.
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