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Although playing guitar has got to be most of our first loves, there must be an instrument or two out there you've always wanted to play.

For me, it's the Harp. I think I first properly wanted to play one when I heard Florence and the machine use it, but I've always been amazed with the instrument. I'd love to have one sitting in my room so I can occasionally have a quick pluck.

Too bad they're like £400ish even on ebay.

Sitars look fun as well. I love the sympathetic (I think thats the name?) string sound.

What about you guys?
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
All of them.

I'd like to improve the ones I already know though, which would be the guitar and the piano.
I would love to play the saxaphone. Before I do that I really should get better at the ones I already can play. My piano and guitar skills need much work. As does my bass playing.
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keyboard and piano, harmonica (bob dylan type) and i wish i could sing.
but for the moment i'm going to improve on guitar
I second the sing one
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Piano. I had a piano in my home for almost 8 years, and when we moved we couldn't take it. I seriously regret not learning it while I could.

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keyboards (I'd be practicing now if me computer would work)
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i wish i could sing well and i wish i had been more dedicated to learning the keyboard and guitar when i learnt them. as it is now, im focusing on bass and getting to decent standard at that, then when i have more spare time in the next two years im planning on learning keyboard and guitar properly. i would also like to learn drums when i go to uni
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I'm learning how to play Violin with this cute girl I know.
Piano but there expensive I would think
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Guitar properly, and singing. And piano
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Singing. Although I'm slowly learning.

Other than that, keyboard would make things easier, and I love the sound of contrabasses.
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Guitar properly, and singing. And piano

this and this
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Being able to sing better would be nice.

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Accordian. I've never tried it but it looks ridiculously difficult. Someday I'll give it a go.
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I would like to learn violin and piano. Seeing some of the stuff people can do to enhance a rock song with those instruments has made me wish I could play them some. J. Loren from Hurt has blown my mind both times I saw him play the violin at a show. Some of the piano bits I've heard within various portions of the music I like (e.g. Cold - A Different Kind of Pain) just bring the emotional level of the song up for me. I love songs with feeling.
Piano, Sax, Harmonica and vocals.
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As many as possible. I'm going to stick with guitar though, it's the first instrument out of 7 I've actually felt comfortable and made fast progress with.
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Sax and Fiddle. I've got a Tenor Sax back in Ireland but I never had time to learn it.
no seriously, I sold my little 15 W amp and bought a 30 watter, but i didn't realize I would never be able to play it with people home because it doesn't go any quieter past a certain point!

edit: On topic, harmonica
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i think it would be awesome to just pick up almost any instrument and be able to bust out on it.

but ima go say accordion, violin, and piano
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Hang drum and saxaphone. Hang is just really nice and mellow and sax is pure sex in a sound.
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skinflute, I really suck at it .
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Singing, piano, violin, cello and I think it would be just dandy to improve on guitar, bass and drums.
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skinflute, I really suck at it .

Shouldn't you be happy about that though?
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wish i could play the piano, ocarina, sitar and sing well

and OP dont you wish you could do this on the harp
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Singing and Violin. Hands down.
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You deserve some form of awesome reward, but I'm to lazy. Imagine the rest of these:

Theremin, violin, drums, harp, and mandolin.

Plus getting better at the ones I already know how to play.
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