well i own a usa standard sss strat and i was wondering wether i should purchase a boss GE7 in order to fatten up my sound and be able to play heavyer stuff?

anyone with expirience fatting up a strat with an eq pedal?
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i havent tried it, but i dont think it would work. i mean maybe, but why would it fatten it up? I can't think of how this would help but I dunno maybe it would. I think you might want a compressor or some type of OD maybe. Maybe even a delay set real low.
an EQ is always a good thing, gives you more options. But i think compressor and OD pedals are better suited for fattening up the single coils, thats what i do.
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you're going to have to try reeeaalllly reallly hard with an EQ, it'll help but in the end just get a guitar with humbuckers or hot rails or something
Anything eq related will fatten up your sound no matter what your pickup/guitar situation may be because your they become like building blocks. I run my Gibson Sg Standard and my Strat that has single coils through a Digitech RP1000 with a Boss GE-7, a BBE Sonic Maximizer and a Digitech RP300 through my Marshall TSL122's effects loop and I have an amazingly tight sound, but it's all a matter of taste. I would recommend the Boss GE-7 or the MXR 10 Band EQ to play with.
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you could eq your amp to give u more lower end and roll of your tone knob for a duller sound
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roll of the treble i guess
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I use the EHX Knockout to make my humbuckers more jangly, like single coils. I usually boost the highs and leave the bass all the way off for this, but used the other way (bass up, highs off) I get a ridiculously big and fat tone, but its unnecessary for what I do. I suspect it could certainly fatten your tone, but it wouldn't remove the 60 cycle hum of most single coils. Just a thought.