hey, was wondering if people know any good noisegate, compressor and limiter stomp boxes for maximum £50 each, but would preferrably like them to be around £30

myself am thinking boss, but would like to see if anyone's found a nice alternative or better alternatives

i will be running my jackson kvx10 through a peavey vk112

thats all i have in my rig so far

any and all suggestion would be helpful
For the noise gate, the Boss NS2 is around your budget and it's pretty damn good
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And if you buy it used, it's even better.

I've got the NS2 in my pedal board. I used to use it a lot more, until I discovered it was killing my tone. It's a nice pedal and does a good job at suppressing the hum when you're not playing, but man, does it ever suck the tone out of your sound. Before you buy one, go to your local store and play it. Listen to your tone with the stomp engaged and then with it deselected - you won't even have to take it out of your signal chain to hear the difference.

Used is the way to go, I got my ISP Decimator off ebay brand new for £55 and it's one of the best
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