Okay, here it goes. Let's say I'm playing with my amp distortion. Then, I step on my dist pedal (still remaining on the distorted channel). Apart from getting thicker distortion, would I also get a volume boost, and would I be able to regulate the amount of boost?
The idea is to play rhythm with amp distortion, and when it comes to solo, boom, hi-gain and volume boost to rise above the whole band, making solos audible for a change.
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Yes. You can also experiment with using the distortion pedal as a boost exactly like how you would use a TS-9.

A few years ago i always had my Metal Muff with the distortion on zero, volume on full, bass and treble on zero, and the mids all the way up boosting my cranked BH Killer Ant.

I miss that sound.
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Shockingly, this is why distortion pedals have a volume knob.

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