Hey fellas,

I'd like to show you my experimental mellow tone. This one is pretty round and kinda even. I wanted aggressiveness but it should be delivered to the ears in the bass and mid range of the tone.

Man, it's hard to discribe what I wanted to achieve

Here's the song:

My setup:

* Ampsim is TH1
* impulses used: "Metallica_MyWorldL_IR", "Metallica_MyWorldR_IR", "Metallica_FranticR_IR" and "Metallica_StAngerL_IR" from ToneVampIRe.
* Drums are SD 2.0 "Metal Foundry"
* Percussion is SD 2.0 "New York"
* Bass is my guitar tuned 12 steps down - nothing else
* Post processing effects are Waves Renaissance Comp and Waves L1 Ultramaximizer
I like it, St. Anger's a good style to build on.

Have you written more material like this?
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I like the riffs and the guitars sound really good. It's fairly repetitive so I think you'd really benefit from adding a solo or a melodic third guitar part on top.
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Killer tone!

I do think the drums could be alot beefier. They really don't come out well in the mix, which sucks because i believe this song could be a really good simple headbanger.
That's a sick guitar tone man. Drums could be a bit more, erm, pounding I guess. The song's a little boring though. Like, it's a good headbanger but it still needs more variation. Maybe add in a real heavy breakdown section? Or maybe some higher pitched heavy melodies if you get me.

Could you take a look at rock162 for me please?
Thanks for your thoughts!

It's mega repetitive! It's just one of those "copy and paste" productions and servers merely as a vessel for the tone

I raised the volume and punch of the Drums a little bit. You were right they needed to be adjusted a bit.
Lol, sounds better than St. Anger to me, but it definitely has that vibe goin'. Like forreal. I've ever used TH1 but you make it sound good! It is quite repetitive but with a catchy ass vocal line I could see myself listening to it shamelessly over and over.

If you get a chance check out my new song, I'm usually a thrash guy but I tried something different this go round
Awesome guitar tone, huuuuuge. Not so hot on the snare sample though, didn't really sit that well for me. Good job on getting that bass sound from a guitar! I'm impressed. Would be nice to see another riff/bridge to mix the song up a bit but otherwise very nice.

Would appreciate it if you took a listen to some of my stuff:
Thanks a lot